Mobile Fractional Laser Distributor

Introducing MULTIFRAX™ The first powerful fractional handheld MOBILE laser

This is a new revolutionary handheld, rechargeable battery powered Dual-action Fractional Laser that you can hold in your hand, which has been recently approved by FDA to be operated by registered nurse.

Developed by the original creator of
Fraxel™ Technology in 2004

This laser does absolutely everything the old, traditional lasers do with a few important improvements:

  1. Less Painful. Because it's small, the source of the laser beam is only inches away from the skin, which means the beam is thinner, since it doesn't have to travel over fiberoptic cable as the case with traditional devices, which means it's less painful, just like if you would compare a thin syringe with a thick one.
  2. Operated by Registered Nurse. Approved by FDA as Class II, which means any registered nurse can perform the procedure, not only doctors, as the case with ALL older lasers classified as Class IV.
  3. Affordable. Just like any modern smartphone significantly faster and cheaper than a 20-year old computer, because of the progress in modern technologies - this laser is better and 5 times cheaper than the old, bulky traditional laser.

Difference between Multifrax and Fractional Lasers

The major difference between Multifrax and all other fractional lasers is that, because the Multifrax is small and portable, the laser source located with in an inch from the point of contact - the patient's skin. It doesn't need a fiberoptic cable to deliver the laser beam from the laser source to the point of contact. That means the laser bean does not get dispersed. As a result of that the diameter of the laser beam of Multifrax is significantly thinner than the diameter of all other fractional lasers. Smaller diameter means less painful, less visible damage, yet the power of the laser beam is significant enough to penetrate the skin exactly as needed.